GAH and again GAH!
Whilst in Tesco getting lunch I picked up some Cola and Lime fizzy lances for davo and his flatmates to enjoy.
I also purchased a bumper bag of fizzy [substitute extremely sour] strawberry flavour [well actually 9v battery with a little strawberry aftertaste] lances for a snack later. BIG mistake. After pulling my tongue off the first one in recoil action as if shocked by licking a live wire I decided to wander around offering these ‘sweets’ to unsuspecting colleagues.

Meg – ‘they taste of ming’
Paula – ‘why would you do that to yourself? I mean why eat these things’
Patrick – ‘can I have another one?’
Jen – ‘they are nice in a perverted kind of way’
Michelle – ‘oooooh aaaaahhh’
Darren – ‘is this an endurance test’
So the verdict? go on try them – only 95p for 200g of pure sugar evil