Genius Advertising

As anyone who knows me knows I hate advertising. Well okay that’s not entirely true. I hate when advertising ruins the experience or when advertising becomes more imprtant than the content.
Anyway advertising rant over – more to come when I don’t work where I work now.
Anyway AOL Pictures and presumably the rest of the internet are showing the following advert for a new ITV show. It starts with Mike and inviting you to see what else he is wearing…
Then we get to see what he is wearing…
mike 2
And then the prompt for the show…
trinny and susannah
The bit thatmakes me laugh though is that when you see Mike in his pants they look very similar to the ones that American Apparel make and that most of the gay stores in London sell as fashion.

Big Brother Seven

Oh dear another year seems to have slipped by. Can it really be BB7? I remember way back when being in Dublin training and having BB1 or was it BB2 streaming on the main screen. It doesn’t seem that long ago.

This year it looks like the producers have just decided to fill the house with gay boys and be done with it. Well Okay gay boys and closet boys about to come out the closet. I mean who does the ‘lifeguard’ think he is kidding?

Adam at work is penning his thoughts – better him than me. I’ll tune in when something starts to happen :o)

The power of NLP

For those of you who have never heard of neuro linguistic programming, Derren Brown brings it to the masses.

Weirdly we’ve been talking about NLP a lot recently at work because of a culture change programme we are rolling out. Not that we are using NLP you understand but we hae touched on aspects of it like the Kinesthetic sense being inmportant in rapport and relationship building. You can see Derren doing a lot of touching and shifting around while he is chatting there.
Anyway made me chuckle. I wish I’d seen this series on TV now.