Tweets on 2012-04-23

  • Data protection shoukdnt be an afterthought Marathon runners' details leaked including home addresses. #DPA #
  • I didn't realised Google exclude themselves from data protection rules using Google Inc as the data processor. #sneaky #
  • Is anyone one else interested in a 10K run on July 8th? @bartschelfhout isn't around to make sure I finish #
  • Oh look I'm the target of online behavioural advertising. Criteo seem not to be using AdChoices though. #
  • Amazon packaging processes never fail to impress. A dog collar in an A1 parcel. #
  • I saw an awesome TV in John Lewis on Saturday – It was all I could do to keep my credit card in my wallet. #
  • @Cliff is that not UTC? The fact it's the same as GMT isn't all bad either it means I won't need to change my clock! in reply to Cliff #
  • @llewsuk I can't believe you had to take St George's day off from the office! Couldn't face the heckling? ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to llewsuk #
  • @Tigercatgirl we only got our postal votes on Saturday so haven't voted yet will do that this evening ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to Tigercatgirl #
  • #AOL celebrate sustainability with reusable cups for everyone in the office. I might stick to a mug. Nice idea though. #

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Tweets on 2012-04-17

So it looks like Milo hasn’t checked his facts again

A few months ago I was so enraged about a poorly researched barely disguised homophobic article written Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph I felt the need to write quite a lengthy rant.

Today it would appear he still is in the habit of not fully checking facts. In his article about the law keeping up with technology (and don’t even start me on the spurious nature of the article, seriously 2 tweets and we need new laws apparently), Milo describes the extremely genourous offer from Stephen Fry to pay any fine received by Paul Chambers as “perhaps somewhat opportunistic”.

Milo your article is perhaps somewhat opportunistic – some may say timely of course, but I’ll stick with opportunistic, Stephen Fry made his offer well before the trial or the associated media attention so no this isn’t opportunistic it’s exceedingly generous.

People do the silliest things…

Recently a lot of people have been talking about passwords and how they are too simple. What the researchers failed to mention is that it doesn’t matter how secure your password is it will not help.

There was a bit of a buzz on Twitter yesterday about an application called Twifficiency. It allegedly calculates โ€œyour twitter efficiency based upon your twitter activity. This includes how many people you follow, how many people follow you, how often you tweet and how many tweets you read.โ€

I saw the messages in my stream and thought they looked a bit spammy. Then I realised they were just automatically generated when someone took ‘the test’. Most memes and especially ones that stroke the ego. I must confess having worked in digital media for longer than I care to state I rarely go in for these online quizzes or automatic tests and popularity contests anymore. Still a few of my friends did. @greedoe @andyhewittlock @ianjamesdavies I’m looking at you…

Anyway back to the point about passwords. So you can plan a great secure password but people still authorise any old application on social networks without reading the small print. Although it states on the front page of the app that it will auto publish the result after allowing the app to link to your Twitter account most users didn’t read the caveat or didn’t know what it meant and selected ‘OK’. Now Twitter is ablaze with automatically generated scores. It’s almost like the ‘news’ that there is no official facebook dislike button. Is this really news worthy of the BBC and other media outlets?

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