Data cops: Facebook privacy plans must be ‘modified’ • The Register

Facebook remains tied to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement that “prohibits the company from changing privacy settings without the affirmative consent of users or misrepresenting the privacy or security of users’ personal information”.

Indeed, as of November 2011, Facebook agreed to bi-annual privacy audits for two decades as part of its deal with the FTC. At the time the US watchdog said Facebook must be clear about changes to its website, including providing a “prominent notice” to users.

The social network was told it should obtain “express consent” before a user’s information is shared beyond any privacy settings already established by an individual connected to Facebook.

Arguably then, Facebook is failing to honour at least part of its agreement with the FTC: the website did inform all of its users of the plans in an email outlining the proposed tweaks. But it may have fallen down on the requirement to seek “express consent” for sharing data beyond the limits set in place by users. That said, the stateside regulator is yet to publicly express any disquiet about the company’s incoming privacy policy overhaul.

In contrast, here in Europe, the office of Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner confirmed late last week that it was seeking “urgent clarification” from Facebook – whose European headquarters are in Dublin – about the changes.

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Tweets on 2012-04-24

Big Brother Seven

Oh dear another year seems to have slipped by. Can it really be BB7? I remember way back when being in Dublin training and having BB1 or was it BB2 streaming on the main screen. It doesn’t seem that long ago.

This year it looks like the producers have just decided to fill the house with gay boys and be done with it. Well Okay gay boys and closet boys about to come out the closet. I mean who does the ‘lifeguard’ think he is kidding?

Adam at work is penning his thoughts – better him than me. I’ll tune in when something starts to happen :o)


okay so now home from Dublin – the day was good and very productive if a little long for my liking.
weird how the dublin office seems much friendlier than ours.
flew back but no veggie meal as the travel company which books it failed to pass on the info. so erm what’s the point of my traveller profile? I thought it was so I didn’t have to tell them everytime I booked a flight that I don’t eat meat or fish. oh yeah now I remember it’s to let them know I don’t fly business class… ;o)
ah well it was nice to be in the lounge for a few relaxing minutes and no crying kids in the front bit of the plane so I won’t be complaining. oh wait I just did. see It’s the tiredness.
see early starts don’t do it for me. 6:30 yesterday to scrap the car and 5am today for a flight – I need a relaxing bath and sleep.

Noozleland: Donna and the bus…

I met a friend from work on Friday. She works in our Dublin office and I haven’t seen her for over 18 months. She was in our London office as she has taken a new job and was coming to meet some people here before going back.
So we are chatting and catching up when she throws in the old so where you in Wellington in December on a bus going towards town?
She was on the same bus but wasn’t sure it was me as we hadn’t seen each other in ages and didn’t expect to see me there.
Weird how small the worl is!

bugger bugger buggery bollocks I

bugger bugger buggery bollocks
I completely got messed up by the Bank Holiday thing and am supposed to be on a flight to Dublin at 5.30 tonight – only slight problem is I forgot and have not brought a change fo clothes or anything… gah and also I made plans for tonight and tomorrow night – which do not include me being in Dublin. In fact they are completely wrecked now – gah – memory of a seive me you know. bugger bugger bugger. I’ll ahve to ask Sheena nicely if I can go home over lunch and get some clothes – gah!

went out for drinks to

went out for drinks to Kazbar last night with Tim which was really nice. bumped into José who I thought was in Spain but turns out he is back on holiday so that was nice too. He has invited me over for a holiday and I must say if it wasn’t for my hectic schedule at the moment I would book it today. Next week I’ll be over in Dublin and then next Sat/Sun flying to Washington for 3 weeks and then back into sunny London on the 4th August – hence the lack of holiday so far.
It’s Jacs birthday party tonight in town so I have been out buying decorations and baloons and things – have no idea what to get her for a present though. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m in the states and bring her something back from there.