okay so now home from Dublin – the day was good and very productive if a little long for my liking.
weird how the dublin office seems much friendlier than ours.
flew back but no veggie meal as the travel company which books it failed to pass on the info. so erm what’s the point of my traveller profile? I thought it was so I didn’t have to tell them everytime I booked a flight that I don’t eat meat or fish. oh yeah now I remember it’s to let them know I don’t fly business class… ;o)
ah well it was nice to be in the lounge for a few relaxing minutes and no crying kids in the front bit of the plane so I won’t be complaining. oh wait I just did. see It’s the tiredness.
see early starts don’t do it for me. 6:30 yesterday to scrap the car and 5am today for a flight – I need a relaxing bath and sleep.