farscape – peacekeeper wars

‘There was a boy called John…’ When Crichton is interrogated by the Eidolons and has to explain his predicament, he says he does it for the 89th time. This is a reference to Ben Browder’s voice-over for the opening sequence of the 88 episodes of the Farscape series. Sky One have been using this voice over and a rather catchy tune for the farscape adverts – It’s great a nice close up of Ben every 15 mins or so :o)
I’m not obsessing though – honest! Although I can’t get the tune out of my head. Must look that up and find out who it’s by.

disturbing search requests revisited

friday diversions

Not that we need one today. It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and it’s sunny outside but…

1. Who is your favorite celebrity?

I honestly don’t think I have one. I like a few of them but it’s hard to say you have a favourite when I don’t know them.

2. Who is your least favorite?

Pretty much the same really. A lot of them get on my nerves. Uri Geller for instance or Tara Whatsername (the “it” girl). I would hesitate to pick one I least liked though. There are so many that you just think – why are they a celebrity. I could do a list but it would be quite long. They may actually be really nice in real life though so I’ll reserve judgement on that too.

3. Have you ever met or seen any celebrities in real life?

Way too many to count. I used to work for Danny “fifty years in the business darling” La Rue. Hence I met a lot of his friends and when we had the opening of the bar there were more celebrities than you could shake a stick at.

4. Would you want to be famous? Why or why not?

Hell no. Rich yes, famous no. I like my privacy every now and then thank you very much. One stalker was enough for me 😉

5. If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why?

The rude version of this would be to swap with Ben Browder so I could ahem…
The not so rude version would be oh who am I kidding. Ben Browder please :o)

Photo Friday

This week’s challenge: “Water“.

Friday Five
Photo Friday

the weekend

well an interesting weekend all in all – I was going to revert to a weekend in

hypertext™ but then realised a lot of it would be missed as there are

no related websites. Friday night was a bit of a rest and recuperation from the

working week – I know it was only 3 days but it’s about 3 weeks since the last

time I worked! The boyf was washing his hair [I know and there was no joke] even

though he has just had a #1. Still it did mean I got some much needed rest. Saturday

was a mixed day – went and ordered the carpet for my hall – it will be the first

time I have had carpet in the hall for a year and a half. So now all I need to

do is remove all the laminate I laid at the top before realising I couldn’t get

it to go down the stairs. DIYtastic – not! After tidying and the other usual weekend

chores I got bored and the boyf still wanted to spend time on his own so I decided

to take the plunge and go out on my own – I bottled it though and luckily Rob was already going out. Unfortunately

he was going to the reflex in kingston 🙁 too many memories I figured of when

I used to go to the reflex when it was still in putney. I spent part of the night

looking for tom before I remembered.other than that though I had a fab night –

cheers rob 🙂 I was introduced to his friends [including the cute ginger craig]

and bumped into Robin who I knew from when I used to be the assistant manager

at the Old Doctor Butlers Head in the city. He used to come on a thursday night

when the gay mens professionals used to meet in the upstairs bar. Sunday as ever

after a heavy night was spent mostly vegging in front of the TV watching totty.

Ben Browder, Paul from S Club, some rather cute bloke on Sliders – played Deric

played by Eddie Mills

When we weren’t vegging though we managed to go to the common and walk the dogs

and to the local for quite possibly the best meal I have eaten. The lovely lady

behind the bar asked Rob and I completely without irony if we wanted chicken or

beef We both had beef although in real life Rob normally does chicken! In

fact the only downer of the day was the number of adverts for McDonalds – I could

quote it word for word – but I’m not going to. Still no sign of the boyf though

– he sent me a text earlier to say he couldn’t come for a walk as he was too ill

and he was going out with mates to see Lord of the Rings. Call me paranoid but

I think this needs an entry in the other blog…

the farscape marathon is on

the farscape marathon is on sci fi at the moment which is a huge dose of Ben Browder for your money :o) hurrah!

okay so if it isn’t people looking for nude pics of connie then it’s people who hate her that end up at my site. I wonder if it is Connie or if it’s AOL they hate – seems they actually hate ‘Connie AOL’ – a new brand from AOL Time Warner?