Apple Adverts have definitely improved with time

Okay so everyone is talking about the iPhone4 FaceTime commercials and the Matt Damon look-a-like at the moment but by far my favourite adverts are still for actual Macintosh computers.

I still own a G4 Cube and it is beautiful if not especially well powered now. It’s great as an iTunes media share though as it’s pretty enough to have out on display. The commercials though were special if only for the awful song choices…

The other great advert was for the 20th anniversary Mac. It didn’t tell you anything about the processor, RAM or any of that other stuff you might want to know about a PC, no it concentrated on the fact it was the most beautiful thing Apple had ever produced!

Oh and of course let’s not forget Kevin Costner or the college guy in his boxers

The Bourne Identity Part II

Okay then so I know it’s a little later than I planned but I had one of those weekends.
Friday went to see The Bourne Identitytrailer here
It was really cool – fast paced and entertaining. Enough sly humour to stop me getting bored and enough Matt Damon to keep me very happy 😉
Makes James Bond seem very old and quaint.
Before the film a few of us from workwent for dinner and drinks. John and I ended up at wagamama’s on High St Ken [the others wanted boringly plain food]. We were served by a rather cute guy by the name of Anthony – John greeted him as such and continued to flirt for the rest of the meal. ‘Oh is that an iPaq?’ etc etc.
Straight boys flirting with waiters = wrong
Waiters dissing me in favour of straight boys = very wrong

We wandered back down the High Street to the Princess Victoria which was having a closing down sale – good for us and good for the pub by the looks. Not the sort of bar one would expect to find in Kensington.

So all in all a fun packed Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday were quite quiet by all accounts. A friend from Liverpool came to stay on Saturday and after 3 bottles of tinto the rest of the evening was spent watching Beautiful Thing
I noticed for the first time that both Wendy and Leslie are in the Gloucester scenes. I was always looking for Graham – doh!

Sunday was a bit of a write off – although did manage pizza and a few beers at the Waterfront – nice bar – nice atmosphere – nice boys 😉

Se erm that was my weekend – how was yours?

double booking

oops – It’s not often I make plans in advance for things. Memory of a goldfish prevents me from doing so as I invariably forget what I had planned. So it comes as little suprise that I planned two things this weekend for the same night – of course I discovered this as I planned to book a third item for Saturday night 😉
Friday I’d like to see the Bourne Identity but no one else seems available :o( So looks like I’ll need to wait until next week. Matt Damon can wait I’m sure!

on my hitlist currently

You know how sometimes there are no films you want to see at the cinema? Well this summer is the opposite for me. My current hitlist – in no particular order – include;
The Bourne Identity – purely for Matt Damon you understand 😉
Spiderman – gotta you know – cartoon to film it has to be cool.
Not Another Teen Movie – mental chewing gum you know!
40 days and 40 nights – looks kinda fun
The Time Machine – sci fi classic by HG Wells remade!
Minority Report – cool trailer which had me engrossed. Oh and it is sci fi!