You know how sometimes there are no films you want to see at the cinema? Well this summer is the opposite for me. My current hitlist – in no particular order – include;
The Bourne Identity – purely for Matt Damon you understand 😉
Spiderman – gotta you know – cartoon to film it has to be cool.
Not Another Teen Movie – mental chewing gum you know!
40 days and 40 nights – looks kinda fun
The Time Machine – sci fi classic by HG Wells remade!
Minority Report – cool trailer which had me engrossed. Oh and it is sci fi!

2 Replies to “on my hitlist currently”

  1. 1)Decent book, could be ok.
    2)It rocks
    3)Could be funny
    4)not heard of it
    5)its gonna be shit
    6)looking good 🙂

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