We all hate SPAM. I always wonder who pays to send it as no one reads it and it seems such a waste of resources.
It would seem a lot of people are linking to cloudmark which sounds like a good use of p2p technology – much better than music swapping anyway. The only problem is I don’t get SPAM anymore as I use mailwasher already. I don’t need to download the mail before deleting and rejecting it and it links into the major DNS SPAM databases with the option to add custom ones too. This means I ‘bounce’ mail I know to be SPAM – I can preview it first to be sure. I delete it directly off the server with no need to download it first. Your email address gets removed from active email lists and you get less and less SPAM in the process.

Making the tube more fun

Yesterday on our way to Walk for Life Spencer, Glenn and assorted others looked on in disbelief as I started to photograph the map on the tube. Some witty person had made up stickers and amended the northern line.
First we had Mind The Gap

Loop the Loop


Finally we had Space Invaders

There were plenty of others but I could only manage to take pics when the train had stopped. It answers my question though of why it takes so long to get from Balham to Clapham Common on a friday night trip to the 2 brewers!

OMG Dermot wears women’s clothes shocker!

Absent mindedly listening to the TV whilst checking my mail and Dermot has just admitted to wearing women’s Trousers on Big Brother’s Little Brother. If he admits to wearing women’s underwear like David Beckham I’ll be upset. I picture him more a commando or boxers man myself. I’m picturing the commando style quite heavily now 😉

Killing time

Normally I don?t mind spending time in Soho. This evening was slightly different in the fact that I spent an hour loitering around Old Compton Street waiting for people to arrive.
The scheduled arrival time was 7pm and so I dutifully arrived outside Satsuma to be greeted by an answer phone message from Dave saying he was running late and the new time was 7.30pm
Other Dave arrived and we hot footed it to Barcode to kill some time.
Eventually an hour later Dave and Twom arrived and other assorted masses joined us for the best meal I have had in ages. The Satsuma bento box is brilliant.
All the gay boyz were down one end and the str8 couples down the other. Ironic then that all the boyz ate out of boxes then 😉 [blatantly stolen from Andrew?s comment last night]. If only Wade knew half the conversations down our end of the table 😉

Finally we wandered [and in some cases waddled] over to Retro Bar for Pop Quiz. Joined by many more assorted bloggers [Meg, Simon, Jonathan, Dave, Tom, Ian, Luke, Catherine, and Michael.] and losing our str8 contingent along the way.
Jonathan took photo?s and has them posted so go and have a look!
So it?s off to New York and then San Francisco for Dave and I?m missing out on the New York leg of the trip and meeting him in SF just in time for Pride