Kylie Kylie Kylie

Kylie was fabulous. Really really fabulous. I enjoyed Madonna but I have to say that Kylie was much much better!
She wasn’t ashamed of her Stock Aitken & Waterman past and mixed in the old classics with the new hits. I have to say though the dancer in the confide with me set was horny as. I may have to do a search tomorrow and see if I can get a pic. All of the boys in the audience [bar the odd straight man] cheered when he came down the staicase on his hands. Rumour has it though that Will Baker [the man who allegedly bought those hotpants for 50p from Oxfam is in a relationship with one of the male dancers.]
We had a few lesbians making a lot of noise behind us which reached fever pitch as Kylie came up on stage for the remix of locomotion.
The outfits were fantastic too. I think Kylie has a bit of a cross dressing fetish though. What with the clockwork orange inspired outfits and the men in high heels and fishnets in a later set.
During the finale everyone sang along to Can’t Get You Out of My Head and for those who did not know the lyrics, on the overhead screens, the lyrics appeared, along with a bouncing Kylie ‘K’ karaoke style.
In fact the only real complaint of the night was that the sparkly programmes cost ?20 – we made up for it by grabbing a few free souvenir bottles of Kylie water on the way out.

weekend in review

Friday night in Ikea shocker! okay so you know you are past it when the most exciting thing that happens on a friday night is you and spence go to Ikea for food and shopping. Then onto Asda – I mean how low can I sink? Oh believe me it got worse as then I needed to put my newly bought furniture together and so I got to bed around 3. Sad eh?

Okay so I made up for a sad Friday night by having a brilliant Saturday night spent in the presence of the Ice Queen.

Remember the stag party in amsterdam? Well Ben and Vic got married last weekend in Sweden [at the icehotel™] and Vic wore a wedding dress for the occasion. This weekend they had the reception in York House and it was beautiful they had fake snow, ice sculptures and enough absolut to keep me happy. So they kept with the swedish and ice theme from the wedding. They truly made a stunning couple – and I don’t normally get all gooey at weddings but this one even had me mushy.

I was amazed how long it is since I saw so many of the people there as well. And they are all doing so much – Gavin even played in the band 🙂

blogger goes for the bucks

and I must say I am not suprised – blogger took off like wildfire and their traffic must be enormous and there is only so long you can continue something like that for free. So $30 or so a year for the service seems very little for what you get back in return – I’ve been using greymatter since september anyway so I’m not really affected. It does mean I guess I’ll need to move my archives over to this somehow – maybe putting all my old blogger posts into one posting at the start of GM but any other suggestions would be welcome.

tigers and beers

Oliver had his 29th birthday yesterday [bless] and so I headed on up to Tiger Tiger for some catch up and drinks. Slight snag is that this is a straight bar with a door policy – since I do not own shoes it’s a bit of a pain really – still at least I did not fork out for new shoes like one of the party. Oli’s kid brother lent me his shoes so a quick change outside the angus steak house and a change of door meant I got in – we played the same ruse 3 times in the night to get poor shoeless people into the bar.

This was followed by the trauma that is the toilet attendant – gah – after asking him how much it would cost just to leave me alone we reached a settlement of him letting me pee without him, wash my hands with little help but he had to hand me the paper towels. I can’t think of any job more boring [unless you like hanging around gents toilets] than this.

So plenty of mixed jug cocktails later and a few new friends later I staggered back to the tube wondering why it was I haven’t seen Oli in so long. We promised to see each other again soon and at the very least meet for my birthday party on the 15th of Feb.


oh and I am beginning to get really pissed off with people at work who fail to respect other peoples property – certain people just come and help themselves to biscuits and food without replacing – small thing I know but starting to bug the hell out of me while others hand back the decorations you lent them in pieces as if it is expected that you rip them down so they are unusable next year… gah!

pop quiz

andrew and I dropped down to the retro bar last night – I needed out of my flat – and joined in with the pop quiz. Poor Dave joined our team and I was traumatised to learn I failed to beat my personal best of 6. What with Dave answering all bar one question I have decided maybe I should rebrand the blog to ‘hope springs eternal’. So no ?11 and no left over christmas pressies for us. Still lavender bath salts was not a prize worth winning really 😉