Friday night in Ikea shocker! okay so you know you are past it when the most exciting thing that happens on a friday night is you and spence go to Ikea for food and shopping. Then onto Asda – I mean how low can I sink? Oh believe me it got worse as then I needed to put my newly bought furniture together and so I got to bed around 3. Sad eh?

Okay so I made up for a sad Friday night by having a brilliant Saturday night spent in the presence of the Ice Queen.

Remember the stag party in amsterdam? Well Ben and Vic got married last weekend in Sweden [at the icehotel™] and Vic wore a wedding dress for the occasion. This weekend they had the reception in York House and it was beautiful they had fake snow, ice sculptures and enough absolut to keep me happy. So they kept with the swedish and ice theme from the wedding. They truly made a stunning couple – and I don’t normally get all gooey at weddings but this one even had me mushy.

I was amazed how long it is since I saw so many of the people there as well. And they are all doing so much – Gavin even played in the band 🙂