blogger goes for the bucks

and I must say I am not suprised – blogger took off like wildfire and their traffic must be enormous and there is only so long you can continue something like that for free. So $30 or so a year for the service seems very little for what you get back in return – I’ve been using greymatter since september anyway so I’m not really affected. It does mean I guess I’ll need to move my archives over to this somehow – maybe putting all my old blogger posts into one posting at the start of GM but any other suggestions would be welcome.

tigers and beers

Oliver had his 29th birthday yesterday [bless] and so I headed on up to Tiger Tiger for some catch up and drinks. Slight snag is that this is a straight bar with a door policy – since I do not own shoes it’s a bit of a pain really – still at least I did not fork out for new shoes like one of the party. Oli’s kid brother lent me his shoes so a quick change outside the angus steak house and a change of door meant I got in – we played the same ruse 3 times in the night to get poor shoeless people into the bar.

This was followed by the trauma that is the toilet attendant – gah – after asking him how much it would cost just to leave me alone we reached a settlement of him letting me pee without him, wash my hands with little help but he had to hand me the paper towels. I can’t think of any job more boring [unless you like hanging around gents toilets] than this.

So plenty of mixed jug cocktails later and a few new friends later I staggered back to the tube wondering why it was I haven’t seen Oli in so long. We promised to see each other again soon and at the very least meet for my birthday party on the 15th of Feb.