Kylie Kylie Kylie

Kylie was fabulous. Really really fabulous. I enjoyed Madonna but I have to say that Kylie was much much better!
She wasn’t ashamed of her Stock Aitken & Waterman past and mixed in the old classics with the new hits. I have to say though the dancer in the confide with me set was horny as. I may have to do a search tomorrow and see if I can get a pic. All of the boys in the audience [bar the odd straight man] cheered when he came down the staicase on his hands. Rumour has it though that Will Baker [the man who allegedly bought those hotpants for 50p from Oxfam is in a relationship with one of the male dancers.]
We had a few lesbians making a lot of noise behind us which reached fever pitch as Kylie came up on stage for the remix of locomotion.
The outfits were fantastic too. I think Kylie has a bit of a cross dressing fetish though. What with the clockwork orange inspired outfits and the men in high heels and fishnets in a later set.
During the finale everyone sang along to Can’t Get You Out of My Head and for those who did not know the lyrics, on the overhead screens, the lyrics appeared, along with a bouncing Kylie ‘K’ karaoke style.
In fact the only real complaint of the night was that the sparkly programmes cost ?20 – we made up for it by grabbing a few free souvenir bottles of Kylie water on the way out.