petrol price wars?

(This is a heavily edited version of the original)

For all you drivers!

Want petrol prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action.

This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the “don’t buy petrol on a certain day” campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn’t continue to “hurt” ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them.

How? Since we all rely on our cars, we can’t just stop buying petrol. But we CAN have an impact on petrol prices if we all act together to force a price war.

Here’s the idea:
For the rest of this year, DON’T purchase ANY petrol from the two biggest oil companies (which now are one), ESSO and BP. If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of Esso and BP petrol buyers


Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good idea – great in fact but I also see a few flaws and potential problems with this idea.
It may simply put BP and Esso out of business in the UK market – leaving us with less choice and the potential for more price increases.

We could however do the same for DVD’s and CD’s and bring those down in price in line with the rest of the EC. So I propose we also boycott Virgin and HMV, and while we are at it coffee is kinda pricey so let’s boycott Starbucks and Costa. Oh and how about Borders and Waterstones too? The list could of course go on and on.

I do agree though it is a much better plan than the don’t buy petrol days. I mean who that was a good idea?