Spent the day mostly hungover

Spent the day mostly hungover from the escapades last night. Sheena and I managed to do a lot of sight seeing though today – we visited the lincoln meemorial, the vietnam war memorial, the monument, the smithsonian castle and air and space museum and then on to the capitol building before deciding to go back to the hotel and crash for a while. So all in all very nice.
This week end in DC is the national cherry blossom festival parade a very strange concept really but hey this is the states. The Washington Post has been covering the cherry blossoms with a daily ‘blossom watch’ and there is even a website for more information on the blossoms.

the nice people at virgin

the nice people at virgin did upgrade me :o) sweet – unfortunately my boss [sheena] and dave didn’t get upgraded. Sheena did get upgraded on the way out though so I don’t feel so bad – besides I was not going to refuse. Luckily I did as my bags would have been very overweight had I stayed in premium economy – I still reckon I should get a larger allowance for being so skinny. Allegedly I get to sleep the whole way – seems a waste of Upper Class upgrade if you ask me – scally [who always gets upgraded] said to stay awake and go to the bar or something and make the most of it :o) I reckon I may well do that – see what films they have etc. Although I do have to work as soon as I land tomorrow so maybe the whole sleep thing will be a good plan.

well I ended up trying

well I ended up trying to get in the middle of 3 guys last night at badlands again. Call me predictable but I figured I at least knew the club was okay. I considered Omega [the sister club] but decided to go for the one I knew.
This is after going for a lovely Vietnamese meal with sheena in ‘Miss Saigon’ in Georgetown. We then wandered for awhile shopping and chatting until the shops closed around 10. On the way back to the hotel I was debating whether to go out or not and as sheena quite rightly put it – ‘it’s your last night in DC and I am crashing so go out’ – so I did
Nice night, nice company, lovely back.

getting ready to check out as the hotel [along with most of the area obviously] has moved ahead one hour for daylight savings time. We have made plans to go get brunch in georgetown – look out starbucks! those mad english/irish people are coming back for more.Then it is off to the airport – well after some more shopping at abercrombie and abercrombie & fitch of course and then finally on my way back to the UK [for a couple of days anyhow]. I’m hoping the nice people at virgin will upgrade me…