well an eventful few hours

well an eventful few hours since I last blogged 😉
for a change I went to the 2 sewers on Saturday night but dragged davo along too! bumped into a few drunken work colleagues and then wandered off
home, had a fab night all in all. got up exceedingly late on Sunday – well I had a late night hadn’t I
<g> so then pottered around and did some boring stuff before having a quick disco nap?
in preperation for GIANT.
went to GIANT with scally
and davo and queued for
stupid amounts of time [even though we had pre-purchased our tickets] and after
a wait of around and hour finally joined the queue for security check. after the
security check we then joined the queue to enter the venue. So by now we had
queued for around 2 hours and decided to not join the hour long queue for coat
check but fought our way through the crowds with our jackets in hand instead.
Despite all these problems [and they put us in a bad mood big stylee] we managed
to get into it when we later turned up to check our coats with a little
davo and I even ventured into the hoist <g> which wasn’t that bad actually
[apart from the porn on the video screens]. Stayed in the Heaven room for most
of the night [on a podium of course] and got completely drenched. Who needs a
sauna? or a work out for that matter. Wandered off home around 5ish I think – it
was getting very light anyways. I have vowed not to go next time because of the
queues but hey it was good despite it!