catherine has just posted about

catherine has just posted about bands she grew up with and it got me thinking. I definitely grew up with DM but more because this guy I fancied at school [Ed I think I have been here before] was really into DM. I mean not that I would say I am influenced easily [well not normally] but hey this guy got away with wearing a silver suit to school with the arms rolled up YES it was the eighties.
most of the music I remember [and sadly sing along to] was from 1984. seems to have been the defining year for me I was 14 and had enough money to go buy my own music [still vinyl back in those days].
By the time I was at university I had well and truly come out and was listening to madonna and kylie – yeah but I can’t help it I love my handbag music even now. My all time favourite album though has to have been D:ream On Vol 1 – It was one of the few albums I have bought that I play all the way through without skipping a track In fact I loved this CD so much I have 2 [just in case one breaks] no seriously because I worked in pubs I was concerned it might get half inched or broken – my staff were never that thoughtful about the CD collection having not paid for them.
Recently I have bought the ATB album and this is another one I have hardly removed from the CD/MP3 player!
looks like catherine is not the only one to be reminiscing over music – david is too. what are your email(‘favourites’)?