well it was a wierd

well it was a wierd day – no blogger so you will have to wait for all the stuff I wanted to blog earlier. for now all I have to say is that I took my straight managr [sheena] to badlands and she managed to pull more men than me 😉 not difficult I know – I now also know we go for the same types of men – with nice muscley backs – I never caught your name but your back felt wonderful .
Sheena is now my faghag she spent the entire night trying to get me off with chicken – I have not yet explained the definition to her but I will tomorrow when we are both sober. There was lots of nice eye candy tonight – much busier than last Saturday night with a nice mix of very cute men- I would definitely recommend it. As you can tell by the fact I am sat in front of my laptop blogging this I ended up at home alone. Not through lack of trying and in fact one guy was dancing with me and put his hand on his hard through his jeans and wanted to come back and shag but I was really worried about getting off with someone in front of sheena – plus he was pissed which confirmed my view that I only get a look in when someone is so pissed they are past caring about looks. If you know the address of the other blog then you are well aware of last weeks escapades and my opinions of what alcohol does to people.
I would just like to meet someone who is interested in me before they have their beer goggles on – maybe a gay club is not the best place for that 🙁 maybe I better start going to the gym – I’m not sure but something has to change. Ihave enjoyed being single for too long and want to wake up next to someone who knows my naem and isn’t embarrased in the morning. It would be a really refereshing change. Not that I have been with many people since I split with my long term partner last year but hell I do have some standards like erm they know my name. god this is sounding very bad so I better sign off now. I’ll update you on the other brighter blog type stuff in the morning when I am sober. badlands was cool though and I may well end up there tomorrow night so DC watch out

Okay so thanks to scally

Okay so thanks to scally I just took the metrosexuality gay-o-meter test and got a 41% on the scale between “Too Straight” and “Too Gay” so I am more straight than scally – I’m hoping to be more gay than Tom the str8 boy from work who is cute but I refuse to link to the picture – if you want to see it head on over to scally.net I haven’t even been in the country to see channel fours new gay offering and yet here I am taking the test – I think they stole the idea from straightacting.com though to be honest. I along with Tom [the straight boy] had difficulty with the question ‘is it better to be beautiful and stupid or smart and ugly?’ I mean come on everyone thinks they are cute in some way don’t they? Mind you I was very suprised to discover that a friend of mine who I think is completely gorgeous has concerns about his looks – The only concern about his looks that I have is that I do not have them 😉
On the good looks stakes there are far too many cute guys in the office and the vast majority are sadly heterosexual. Although given last weeks new information I may have to redefine my opinions… You discover far too much about colleagues whilst sat in hotel bars if you ask me.

just got kind of freaked

just got kind of freaked by the
var naviagtorstring
navigatorstring = navigator.userAgent;
if (navigatorstring.indexOf(“AOL”) > 0)
document.write(“” + “activebuddy“);
} else {
document.write(“” + “activebuddy“);
when it came back with this little advert at the end of my movie review. “Tip: I know the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. Type “what are the books of the bible” and I’ll list them.”

Just been smurfing a little

Just been smurfing a little as I have a bit of slack over lunch and a desk now too. So wandered on over to rateyourself.com and took their groups personality quiz. I always like to see how these things pan out – every test you take seems to make you something else. Although my previous employer had a test during the interview process and I have a copy of the results and it was scarily accurate down to exactly my management style, how I like to be managed, how I perceive myself and my team. Anyways I digress but then you are reading it and no one is forcing you to…
It turns out from this particular test that I am a diplomat – which most of my work colleagues could have told me without me having to fill out the form for the test!
“Sometimes leading, sometimes following, you choose your positions wisely according to the situation at hand.” I know this is why it takes me an hour to get around tesco’s anyway.

I am feeling kind of home sick today – well not really but I would like to be at home and relaxing rather than have to go back to the hotel again. I am getting so used to being in the hotel that the other night I took my shoes off whilst sitting in the conservatory bar and had a drink or too. Wandered off to the elevators later carrying my shoes and only when I was in the elevator and some woman glared at me I realised I was actually in a hotel not my lounge and other people may not take too kindly to my walking around in socks.
Another sign that I have been staying in a hotel too long is I have all but forgotten what cash looks like – I keep charging things to my room. I looked for a card to open the car too [i’m kiddiing with that last one] seriously though it would be kind of nice to not have to worry about keys :o)
It seems like I am the only constant out here at the moment, since dave, dave, dave and hugh left and then danielle and mags arrived and left and sheena and rachel and shaun have arrived and then rachel and shaun are leaving and graham is arriving – I am feeling kind of spaced out – but am getting to know a lot [an awful lot] about my work colleagues.
I have suggested to my boss that we move into DC for friday and saturday and stay at the park hyatt again as it was such a nice hotel – she thinks this would be a nice idea but I am thinking I may just change my flights and come home on friday or saturday night rather than stay in DC and then have to fly sunday and go into work first thing monday after a flight.
Also going to be flying to Dublin next wednesday night too so may need a day [or two] before work on monday to try and get used to new time zone, my flat, the flatmate etc….
That actually is the only thing I am not missing – the flatmate that is 😉 missing jack though – bought him a little bandana and some chew toys from Old Navy the other day – resisted the twee doggy tee shirts with ON branding though.

I have had to buy a new bag to put all my purchases in – spent a lot at abercrombie natch and also bought some DVD’s and books and picked up a few items for friends and colleagues who asked me and of course some GAP scents for andrew since they stopped selling it in the UK ages ago. Oh and some AOL branded goodies too for people back home who think it is cool since they do not work for the company. In fact so much so I had to check today on the Virgin Atlantic website what my baggage allowance was – I think I may have used my 70 kilos [32 kilos per bag x 2 plus 6 kilos for hand baggage] – which is kind of scary when you consider it. but since I am only 59.8 kilos myself I reckon I should be allowed more baggage allowance than everyone else :o) Either that or I will just beg to be upgraded to Upper Class who do not seem to have to worry about baggage limits…

okay so I dared you

okay so I dared you but there really was no need for scally to have this conversation now was there?
S: it has bible in there
S: PCForumDemo [16:04]: Sorry, I can’t find any references to
“sodomy” in the Bible.
EightlettersUK: how rude
S: PCForumDemo [16:07]: Definitions provided by Merriam-Webster
Main Entry: sod?omy
Pronunciation: ‘s?-d&-mE
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French sodomie, from Late Latin Sodoma
Sodom; from the homosexual proclivities of the men of the city in Gen 19:1-11
Date: 13th century
1 : copulation with a member of the same sex or with an animal
2 : noncoital and especially anal or oral copulation with a member of the
opposite sex
– sod?om?it?ic /”s?-d&-‘mi-tik/ or sod?om?it?i?cal /-ti-k&l/ adjective

okay well we ended up

okay well we ended up out on saturday night and took dave to his first gay restaurant, pub and club all in one night :o)
We had a really nice dinner and then went to JR‘s and finally to Badlands which was alright actually. Had a very fun night but another one with way too much alcohol. Finally got back to the hotel at 4am and carried on drinking. So check out on Sunday was bad :o(
We went into Georgetown for brunch Dave, Scally, Max and myself it was a really nice relaxed coffee and food in the Starbucks Cafe within Barnes & Noble.
Scally and Max then went off to the airport to catch their flight home. Unfortunately the flight was delayed [as somehow scally always manages to be on a delayed flight with a medical emergency] but hopefully they made it back home safely.

In other news the register picked up the story about our office in the UK having no clocks today

Last night I changed hotels

Last night I changed hotels from the one in Reston – decided that being in DC would be more fun so am staying at the Park Hyatt for two nights and then going back to Reston sunday night.

I have been out today with some people from work doing more shopping – I was a little hungover as I sat in the hotel bar and got trashed with some friends last night. We also had a really nice meal in an organic asian restaurant. Seared Tuna wrapped in Seaweed with sesame – it was gorgeous. Dave learnt to use chop sticks and we managed to drink 15 cosmopolitans. All in all a really nice night. Today however we managed to start the shopping in Tyson’s Corner and then moved on to Crate & Barrel, Target and Leesburg Corner.
Back at the hotel now and hopping into the bath before going out on the town [again].

You could be forgiven for

You could be forgiven for thinking that my work place is the butt of a practical joke or an ill timed april fools jest but unfortunately not. We recently received a mail to say that on monday all the clocks would be removed and no watches would be allowed – a representative would let staff know when it was lunch and when it was home time in an attempt to relieve workplace stress or something equally inane. I thought it was a joke and ignored it .. until this mail came today
“Just a reminder that this coming Monday is our Stop the Clock day!

Don’t forget to leave your watches at home and enjoy the day without being
controlled by time! (N.B. If you do wear your watch, you may be asked to
leave it at reception.)
Thank god I will still be in the US! mad the lot of them…