okay well we ended up out on saturday night and took dave to his first gay restaurant, pub and club all in one night :o)
We had a really nice dinner and then went to JR‘s and finally to Badlands which was alright actually. Had a very fun night but another one with way too much alcohol. Finally got back to the hotel at 4am and carried on drinking. So check out on Sunday was bad :o(
We went into Georgetown for brunch Dave, Scally, Max and myself it was a really nice relaxed coffee and food in the Starbucks Cafe within Barnes & Noble.
Scally and Max then went off to the airport to catch their flight home. Unfortunately the flight was delayed [as somehow scally always manages to be on a delayed flight with a medical emergency] but hopefully they made it back home safely.

In other news the register picked up the story about our office in the UK having no clocks today