okay well I never made

okay well I never made it to the vet’s but Jack is much better again. Unfortunately I will be deserting him again for 2 weeks whilst I go off to the states with work.

I decided today that not being able to see has it’s advantages. scally and I went into hammersmith for lunch and whilst my glasses where being looked at by the opticians I wandered around Kings Mall half blind. well actually I have astigmatism so everything was just a little fuzzy! So this immediately meant everybody looked much better looking than usual. The only problem with this of course is that I did not appear more attractive to them :o(
In order to check however that the people I thought looked nice actually were nice I had to ask my ‘seeing eye homosexual’ for help. scally unfortunately [or fortunately depending on the timing] has very different tastes to me – so the moral of this story is get a seeing eye homosexual with similar tastes who won’t make comments like ‘yeah you would do him’