well last night [thursday] the

well last night [thursday] the taxi I had booked through work arrived at 8 to take me to the airport – the only flaw here being that my flight wasn’t until friday morning. So erm 12 hours early then. Luckily a cab turned up this morning too – I had visions of them not bothering to send one at all after the mess up the night before.
picked dave up from his in battersea and then on to the airport. It being comic relief the Virgin Atlantic staff were all kitted out in tee shirts and pants [the theme being say pants to poverty] and of course the obligatory man in womens clothing. He looked cute too – Gavin was his name – so if perchance you are reading this Gav – great legs 😉
The nice lady took a look at Dave and gave us seats by the exit so that he had extra leg room – me being a short arse it never really bothers me but I must admit it was fantastic to have nothing for about 3 feet – maybe more – in front of me.
I thought whilst on the plane that I have actually spent more time out of the country than in it in the last month or so and by the end of this trip I will have spent more time in the US than london over the last 2 months. Another day another flight!
This was my first flight with Virgin in Premium Economy and I must say I was impressed the service was excellent and our hostess was brilliant.

When Dave and I arrived in Dulles we managed to get on the wrong courtesy bus [my fault I usually hire with hertz and work had booked avis] so he was not exactly inspired with confidence! Got to the hotel with no problems and checked in to what is going to be my new home for the next 2 weeks – unless i switch to a hotel in DC at the weekend. The Hyatt in Reston is actually a nice hotel – just it’s in the middle of nowhere.

So we settled in and then went on the wander around Reston as it is Dave’s first trip out here. It doesn’t take long. Outside Barnes & Noble though we got asked to buy Girl Scout cookies – now I know you always see this in the movies but to come accross two girls [plus mum keeping tabs on the cask and stock] selling Girl Scout cookies – well I was in fits. We both bought some though after the initial shock had worn off! I got a box of Tagalongs which look nice :o)
Had a really nice meal in the market street bar and grill which is the hotel restaurant. and then went wandering to buy books and stuff. trying to stay awake until around 11pm here so I do not wake up hideously early. I’m sure my body is going to give up on the time zone thing shortly anyway. A different time zone each week for the past 4 weeks :o(