well it was a wierd

well it was a wierd day – no blogger so you will have to wait for all the stuff I wanted to blog earlier. for now all I have to say is that I took my straight managr [sheena] to badlands and she managed to pull more men than me 😉 not difficult I know – I now also know we go for the same types of men – with nice muscley backs – I never caught your name but your back felt wonderful .
Sheena is now my faghag she spent the entire night trying to get me off with chicken – I have not yet explained the definition to her but I will tomorrow when we are both sober. There was lots of nice eye candy tonight – much busier than last Saturday night with a nice mix of very cute men- I would definitely recommend it. As you can tell by the fact I am sat in front of my laptop blogging this I ended up at home alone. Not through lack of trying and in fact one guy was dancing with me and put his hand on his hard through his jeans and wanted to come back and shag but I was really worried about getting off with someone in front of sheena – plus he was pissed which confirmed my view that I only get a look in when someone is so pissed they are past caring about looks. If you know the address of the other blog then you are well aware of last weeks escapades and my opinions of what alcohol does to people.
I would just like to meet someone who is interested in me before they have their beer goggles on – maybe a gay club is not the best place for that 🙁 maybe I better start going to the gym – I’m not sure but something has to change. Ihave enjoyed being single for too long and want to wake up next to someone who knows my naem and isn’t embarrased in the morning. It would be a really refereshing change. Not that I have been with many people since I split with my long term partner last year but hell I do have some standards like erm they know my name. god this is sounding very bad so I better sign off now. I’ll update you on the other brighter blog type stuff in the morning when I am sober. badlands was cool though and I may well end up there tomorrow night so DC watch out