I was playing around with

I was playing around with the template and have messed my table up big stylee – and it is too late to troubleshoot it now and it is way past my bedtime so the upshot is… tough it looks like pants and it will have to stay that way until tomorrow night. besides it’s the content you come here for anyways email(‘right’)?

okay so I have fixed

okay so I have fixed the tables and played with the archives and removed some of the graphics which caused a heavy load for the amount of hits the site now gets so it’s a slightly slimmed down version 2.5
Elric has been offering to help me with my javascript and include files and telling me I should be using homesite instead of working the way I am used to and happy with. Those of you who know me can imagine my responses.
It was a really busy day at work today but I managed to make it home in 1 piece which was good. Also got a new insert for my diary – only a year after the old one ran out – so hopefully the rest of the year will be a bit more organised. I was using meeting maker at work but of course we can’t access that from home and anyways sometimes there is just no substitute for a pen and paper really [even if it’s just to doodle on during meetings].

the farscape marathon is on

the farscape marathon is on sci fi at the moment which is a huge dose of Ben Browder for your money :o) hurrah!

okay so if it isn’t people looking for nude pics of connie then it’s people who hate her that end up at my site. I wonder if it is Connie or if it’s AOL they hate – seems they actually hate ‘Connie AOL’ – a new brand from AOL Time Warner?

well I did manage to

well I did manage to have a fairly packed day today – started with a long bike ride across the common with jack in tow [poor dog was knackered by the end] dropped in to see nige and find out how his house buying was going [not too weel. tidied up some more of the flat – it’s almost presentable [well the lounge is anyway]. Then off out for drinks with spence in the Pitcher & Piano in Dean St. I forgot how str8 pubs can be crammed with cute boys who are off limits 🙁 not to worry though eh? Then off to comptons for a tea and cake sesh before catching the bus back to streatham. Read the apology from the GIANT organisers and the letters page of QX – I’m still hacked off about it but feel better knowing that they are considering cancelling the next one unless Bagley’s and the security sort their lives out.
More disturbing search requests in my logs including ‘pictures of wierd furniture‘, ‘pics people in motion‘ and ‘kylie mo pics‘ and of course the obligatory john west red salmon bear fight advert/mpeg requests – if that is you then click here or the words salmon bear fight advert to your right…

lu are pants – you

lu are pants – you queue to get an extension for your travelcard as the machines don’t sell them and then you queue to exit at the other end as the ticket they sell you doesn’t work in the machines [no that would make too much sense].
went and saw the usual suspects for the blogmeet after work tonight so waves to everyone :o)
came home to jack who missed me loads and has not left my side since we came back from a long walk. sweet 😉

well after standing in line

well after standing in line outside tower records in kensington this morning for an hour all I can say is that ticketmaster are possibly the most unorganised bunch of people in the world. They have an allocation for the group of stores and as our store was very slow selling them [they managed around 20 tickets in 45 mins and 2 of those were 6 each so served around 4 people] by the time we got to the desk they had sold out of their allocation. Had they just served the people with cash who wanted tickets then hey we would have been happy…

On a brighter note Patricks detective work turned up a number for the boxoffice that was being answered so I am now the proud owner of 6 tickets to go see the concert on the 12th July [?85 +5 booking fee each is a bit steep though] hey what the hell it’s madge so fuck it! I’m gonna go see madonna :o) woo hoo!