Okay so thanks to scally I just took the metrosexuality gay-o-meter test and got a 41% on the scale between “Too Straight” and “Too Gay” so I am more straight than scally – I’m hoping to be more gay than Tom the str8 boy from work who is cute but I refuse to link to the picture – if you want to see it head on over to scally.net I haven’t even been in the country to see channel fours new gay offering and yet here I am taking the test – I think they stole the idea from straightacting.com though to be honest. I along with Tom [the straight boy] had difficulty with the question ‘is it better to be beautiful and stupid or smart and ugly?’ I mean come on everyone thinks they are cute in some way don’t they? Mind you I was very suprised to discover that a friend of mine who I think is completely gorgeous has concerns about his looks – The only concern about his looks that I have is that I do not have them 😉
On the good looks stakes there are far too many cute guys in the office and the vast majority are sadly heterosexual. Although given last weeks new information I may have to redefine my opinions… You discover far too much about colleagues whilst sat in hotel bars if you ask me.