um strange night last night

um strange night last night – I distinctly remember a certain antipodean trying to convince me of the existence of harrogate flavoured toffee. I think he may be telling porkies however.
Some of the others managed to extend the evening by going to barcode – I fell into the ‘not on a school night’ category. I was not drinking so did not have alcohol fueling my decision process. I also didn’t need to send myself SMS notes on the evening either. Jonathan seems to have me pegged as a fitness freak.
Was nice to meet up and socialise though – it’s ages since I took myself outside my comfort zone of friends. [well okay sas doesn’t count] I discovered lots about people [and some things I just couldn’t repeat] and had a fun night – next time though can we start at the loft please?
Oh and I met Jude Law last night too which was strange as it was a gay blogger meet. Looking good though #36 🙂

like we needed another reason

like we needed another reason to eat chocolate?
In a Willy Wonka type competition, confectionery maker Cadbury’s is planning to hide codes inside the wrappers of millions of chocolate bars.
By sending a mobile phone text message containing the code to Cadbury’s, chocolate lovers can win prizes such as DVD players and widescreen TVs.

I was interviewed on Watchdog

I was interviewed on Watchdog
I was interviewed with a work colleague who lives near me and we complained about Connex trains. The BBC researchers decided it would be amusing to have us in a restaurant where we could not get in or there were no seats or our table was late – puns about the poor service from Connex. It was fun actually filming it but you realise how hard it is for actors who have to do that sort of thing every day. Oh and the food you see us eating had been there all day and looked lovely but was stone cold. So this one is also true.

what a week end

what a week end – the irish have a reputation for being friendly but I must say that they go far beyond this. I spent the weekend staying with a friend from work at his parents in Malahide [about 10 miles north of Dublin] and they not only put me up [even moving around so I had a room of my own] but also on a weekend they were having a family party and gran coming to stay as she was not well – hospitality was fantastic and lovely people. The flowers I got by way of a thank you seemed small and insignificant.
If anyone is over in Dublin by the way you can do far worse than taking a trip up that way – the beach is lovely and reminded me a lot of home [my parents basically live the opposite side of the Irish Sea].
On Friday night we went to HQ with work colleagues which was nice and then on Saturday went shopping with the girls and were due to visit the Guinness Brewery [davo has a cool perspex thingy with a blob of guinness in it] but we never managed it 🙁 so that is now on my hit list for next time. Allegedly there is a really cool bar too with views over the city but you need to go on the tour [or have a corporate function] to get in there.
Saturday evening we started off in Pravda and then moved to Q bar [a straight version] and then onto Fireworks which was fantastic. I never normally do straight pubs and clubs but had a really good time. Fireworks used to be the fire station and is now a huge 3 floor pub/club venue which would go down well in London – so I highly recommend it.
I also learnt that scally has broken his arm [poor lamb] on Saturday. Go send him a card or something 🙂