the farscape marathon is on

the farscape marathon is on sci fi at the moment which is a huge dose of Ben Browder for your money :o) hurrah!

okay so if it isn’t people looking for nude pics of connie then it’s people who hate her that end up at my site. I wonder if it is Connie or if it’s AOL they hate – seems they actually hate ‘Connie AOL’ – a new brand from AOL Time Warner?

well I did manage to

well I did manage to have a fairly packed day today – started with a long bike ride across the common with jack in tow [poor dog was knackered by the end] dropped in to see nige and find out how his house buying was going [not too weel. tidied up some more of the flat – it’s almost presentable [well the lounge is anyway]. Then off out for drinks with spence in the Pitcher & Piano in Dean St. I forgot how str8 pubs can be crammed with cute boys who are off limits 🙁 not to worry though eh? Then off to comptons for a tea and cake sesh before catching the bus back to streatham. Read the apology from the GIANT organisers and the letters page of QX – I’m still hacked off about it but feel better knowing that they are considering cancelling the next one unless Bagley’s and the security sort their lives out.
More disturbing search requests in my logs including ‘pictures of wierd furniture‘, ‘pics people in motion‘ and ‘kylie mo pics‘ and of course the obligatory john west red salmon bear fight advert/mpeg requests – if that is you then click here or the words salmon bear fight advert to your right…