I was playing around with

I was playing around with the template and have messed my table up big stylee – and it is too late to troubleshoot it now and it is way past my bedtime so the upshot is… tough it looks like pants and it will have to stay that way until tomorrow night. besides it’s the content you come here for anyways email(‘right’)?

okay so I have fixed

okay so I have fixed the tables and played with the archives and removed some of the graphics which caused a heavy load for the amount of hits the site now gets so it’s a slightly slimmed down version 2.5
Elric has been offering to help me with my javascript and include files and telling me I should be using homesite instead of working the way I am used to and happy with. Those of you who know me can imagine my responses.
It was a really busy day at work today but I managed to make it home in 1 piece which was good. Also got a new insert for my diary – only a year after the old one ran out – so hopefully the rest of the year will be a bit more organised. I was using meeting maker at work but of course we can’t access that from home and anyways sometimes there is just no substitute for a pen and paper really [even if it’s just to doodle on during meetings].