ooh I have been spending

ooh I have been spending time reading recently – well a lot more than usual now I am settling back into being in the UK. wandered over to davo‘s musings at brainsluice and came accross the article about study finds you don’t make a difference at work. Dave @ work has been saying that to me for months he claims I do nothing anyways.
now I don’t always read scall-o-blog [come on I work with and socialise with and holiday with and…beans] but I must say that even though he came back from a no doubt extended lunch break to tell me about the guy in the TV shop we had seen on wednesday I was shocked by how sordid it all sounded in print [well on screen then if you want to be picky]. Talk about chicken tonight 😉
kind of disturbed by the number of people that are now searching for that damn john west salmon bear fight advert. This is a total catch 22 thing I’m sure – I did blog it once and now I seem to come up in every search for it I should just mirror the adcritic site.
oh and I just thought I’d mention that I think this is possibly the longest list of blog sites in the world.

well done to karl power

well done to karl power is all I can say – joining the manu team in munich for the official team photo was pure genius!
also read in this mornings metro [on the letters page] about the ongoing complaints about americans and their culture. Rob Holman summed it up nicely ‘… a few non-American inventions that are rather important in our modern world: motor car, television, telephone, ball-point pen, the first functional computer, electricity, radar, radio, steam engine, and the diesel engine. Still, the revolver was invented by an American (Samuel Colt). Says it all really.’ – I couldn’t agree more.