okay well i’m quite impressed

okay well i’m quite impressed with myself actually. since yesterday evening left me horribly hungover I recovered really well. Although I am the hollow man and have see through hands for part of the evening. The rest of the pics are here, and scally’s pics are here.
This afternoon I collected Jack and went cycling on streatham common for a hour or so and then I went to andrew and spogg‘s were I went roller blading again for a few hours including a few games of roller tag and stick in the mud with sprogg and his friends. So all in all a very energetic day – which is the first of many no doubt as I prepare for the marathon.
Just got back in now and Jack has collapsed :o) and I think I may follow him soon 😉

i’ve been a bit slack

i’ve been a bit slack on the posts the last few days 🙁 very very busy again. But last night took some time out and went around to meg, luke and dave’s new flat for what can only be described as a gastronomic delight. followed by light conversation and a fabulous game of articulate, much alcohol and very pleasant company. was very very nice indeed.