mixed day – the DNS problems sorted themselves out- with relief. I think I may have just been being impatient. Got invited to scally’s to finish the haggis next wednesday. Did lots of house type stuff washing and the like. Went out for a long walk with Jack as it was a lovely day. Met Spence and Abi for drinks and had a generally pleasant day. Realised how completely lost I would be if I had to move into a smaller flat now that I have become accustomed to so much space. I remember when I was in one room and how I coped with so little space. All my books in boxes – which I know to some people is the only way to keep books [foms] – all my other stuff stored at my parents.
panicked that there is less than a week until the party now and I have nothing prepared yet, the following week-end I am at Eurodisney and the I am off to Singapore and Sydney – it is all happening so quickly. Shouldn’t complain – I’ll make sure I get plenty of aspirin though for the flight to oz.