Well having Elric staying is

Well having Elric staying is turning my life into a soap opera at the moment. Okay so it may not be as bad as meg and luke‘s flat yet but tensions are mounting.
Okay so it is cold as f**k outside and the heating has only just switched on [erm because someone has managed to move the timer dial] and the flat is a little chilly when Elric pipes up “Why am I always so cold in the morning?” – erm possibly because it is minus 5 and you are wearing a f**king tee shirt. I mean come on I know you can wear tee shirts in South Africa all year round but in the UK we tend to go for something a little warmer when it’s winter.
Coupled with the fact that he seems incapable of leaving the office unless I physically go and invite him home. Last night he trundled in at around 11 asking why I had left without him. Erm could that be because we finish at 6pm every night and go for the 6:15 train every night and I just assumed he would join the rest of us on our merry way without prompting? erm….