Happy New Year everyone. I

Happy New Year everyone.
I hope you all had as good a night as I did – a nice intimate gathering with lots of alchohol and stimulants. Fireworks on the roof with champagne at midnight – it really was a lovely evening. It was the least well planned of my New Years but so far the most fun.
Normally I have a loathing for New Year because everyone has so many expectations and plan everything to the last detail setting themselves up to be disappointed. By the time midnight rolls along they are ready to call it a night.
I could have probably dispensed with the food I bought and just opted for bottles of Vittel but there you go live and learn eh?
We ended the party around midday and everyone went home or to bed for a couple of hours – cleaning up was a bit of a mare but other than that a good night was had by all I hope and by most definitely!
This year I think I have had a brilliant Christmas thanks to Nic and Vianney and a superb New Year thanks to Jacs, Ian and Andrew. Jacs for Suggesting it, Ian for coming down from Bingley at such short notice and Andrew for preparing the whole thing during the day.
I managed to finally meet Arwen – Jacs’ other half who was an instant hit – she got on with everyone and it was like we had known her for years! I miss Jacs when she is not around and don’t see enough of her when she is around but we have made plans for an intimate Christmas next year in a ski chalet probably in Chamonix. I’m looking forward to the end of 2001 and it has only just started.
cheers everyone – I hope you had a great night whatever you did or didn’t do.