oh my god! Having grown

oh my god! Having grown up in ‘a posh suburb of Liverpool‘ I must say I read with interest Meg’s most recent post about book buying habits of people from posh suburbs of Liverpool. I mean really – buying books to match the curtains. Reminds me of my Ex’s Sister a lot though. They had a set of shelves in the dining room with a set of the reders digest classics – you know the ones – all bound nicely in leather. I’m sure they where picked for aesthetics rather than titles and none of them looked to have been opened much less read. They did look nice though… kind of posh in an upper middle class sort of way.

I often thought I wasn’t

I often thought I wasn’t rich enough to be heterosexual. Now I fear I am not rich enough to be gay. All this going out is an expensive business. I have taken to leaving all forms of credit and debit cards at home when I visit the local as cash back is offered at the 2 brewers. I mean who thought that was a good idea? At the supermarket yes but in a pub/club when you are already a few quid down on cape codders you will sign anything to keep them flowing. Or just in case I fancy a cab instead of the night bus…

Elric the new flatmate is

Elric the new flatmate is addicted to TV in a really scary way. Within micro seconds of entering the flat the TV is switched on. Whether this is for comfort or not I’m not entirely sure. Yes I do own 3 TV’s and yes I do have both Sky Digital and On Digital plus a VCR and multi region DVD [erm I see a pattern emerging here]. Just because I own them doesn’t mean I feel the need to get value for money from them by having them constantly in use. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy vegging in front of the TV as much as the next person but I really do draw the line at a rehash of old carry on film clips put together disjointedly in an attempt to make it look funny and saucy. I mean talk about melting your brain. My friend Jacs bought me some books for my 30th birthday last year and I was amazed by how much I had forgotten existed outside that little flat screen. I think lots of people were hinting actually because FF also bought me books. I have yet to read memoirs of a geisha but it is next on my list. I am unable to read more than one at a time [low attention span I think]. So although I have enjoyed their selections I have set out some of my requests in my amazon wishlist – just in time for yet another birthday. They seemto be almost annual these days.

Talking of Elric as I was he seems to have been a good influence. well not him actually but the presence of someone else in the flat. I want to run a household beyond reproach since I am now sort of responsible for it’s presentation to another human being. When it was just me and a select few people I invited it didn’t matter that much. Now however anyone may turn up and I would be horrified if everything wasn’t in order – okay so I am very prepared to be horrified. I mean really who has time to work play and tidy up?

I love it when you

I love it when you click on a link and just can’t help reading the entire contents of the page. The BBC seem to have a knack of that. Their article on buzzwords is a really good read when you get a minute. I especially like “Virtual teamworking. Does that mean people are not really there, or are they not really working? ” Sam Parker, England I may start a virtual blog… erm to stop me from working… erm… oh right yeah scally already thinks I do little enough as it is.
Time for a massage and a bite to eat me thinks.