:) well had a nice

🙂 well had a nice night – didn’t actually make it to the gym. The lovely spence hadn’t managed to get his passport photo done. Which is good as it gave me the perfect excuse to back out of going along. I have managed another day without bowing to peer pressure.
One down side is I didn’t get to go for a drink with him either. Instead I was entertaining andrew and sprogg with a lovely fish casserole and a few very stressful games of Jenga – well actually a very cheap Czech version bought from one of the lovely christmas markets in the old town square a few years ago whilst visiting ff. It is made up of coloured blocks and has dice so you have to take a colour according to what you roll. We spent a very traumatic night playing it whilst drinking very cheap Czech vodka with lots of people. Anyways it was no less traumatic tonight – just easier because the thirteen year old always tends to lose. I mean they just go for the blocks no one else would try in a million years 😉
Looking forward to the burns supper tomorrow night at scally’s – my dad would be proud. Well actually he wouldn’t but then that’s another story. I wish I had continued to learn the bagpipes now – it would have been a great party trick. Instead I’ll just have to try and drag some tartan out the wardrobe and make small talk!