I have been banking with

I have been banking with cahoot since they started and must say the service has been on the whole patchy. Internet banking is a little scary really. You have to weight the advantages of being able to do things from work without going out in the rain with the fact that no branch network leaves you in a hole when cash machines refuse point blank to give you cash whilst telling you you have lots of money in your account.
What sold it for me though was the 0% credit card. Must check when that runs out :o)

Whilst still recovering from our

Whilst still recovering from our six monthly fire drill at work the other day I ead with interest that London Underground will be holding a drill themselves. I shall be volunteering and you should too. You must be able to report to Bank Station by 08:30 on Sunday March 11th. All you need to do to volunteer is mail Wendie Bryan with your name, age, address, daytime telephone number and any medical restrictions. Further details available on 020 7918 2541.

Also discovered Elric can cook

Also discovered Elric can cook last night – albeit with a lot of instruction. It still ended up a lot better than the last straight man I lived with. FF’s idea of a fully balanced meal was a fried egg, half a bag of hula hoops and one of those economy mini pizza’s [you know the ones where you need to put toppings on – well he didn’t]. So Griddled Chicken and vegetables on a bed of basmati was quite nice :o)