just looking through my logs

just looking through my logs again when I came accross one from this lovely looking site. [thanks for the link] so whilst having a cup of coffee sat down for a read. Oh boy the joys of new discovery. I love :::db-db.com::: It is so cool and cute. I must learn how to do some of this stuff. I feel exactly the same way – if people show you these things it makes it a lot easier [that’ll be the trainer in me screaming to get out]. Oh god – I forgot I am a trainer .

I broke my new years

I broke my new years resolution last night and stepped foot inside a gym. Don’t panic though I didn’t actually do anything. I just went to see what all the fuss was about and how much it costs etc. Not as much as I expected actually but considering my current financial status any decisions like that will have to wait until after payday.
It is of course complete peer pressure. everyone is going to the gym except me so I am feeling left out. also getting fit I suppose would not be a bad idea. I’ll have to change my profile on gaydar now though!

the internet is a really

the internet is a really wierd place – I mean you only need to look at this whole blogger thing. Reading other peoples diaries [well most of them are diaries really] and taking a peek into their lives. Kind of voyeuristic don’t email(‘you’) think?
Then of course you start to chat to people online – those with blogs [dave, meg, scally, joe, jen] and those without [gaaydaar, mojo, frenk].
chatting to people about clubs in singapore and restaurants in thailand is a bit surreal.
not that I’m complaining though
feel free to email(‘mail’) me or
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