The snow is cool –

The snow is cool – my puppy dog Jack thinks it is fab – he has been playing in it for 2 days now and still isn’t bored. I am not bored either as I watch him hurtle along on the ice! Other than that a pretty boring day today. The high light sadly was a trip to IKEA for some new duvets and pillows – stocking up for the new year party. You never know who will want to crash over :o)
Watched the final episode of Young Americans too – Elric asked if it was a gay movie – he could be onto something there – it may not be gay but it is fab!

Tired and in bed but

Tired and in bed but can’t sleep. Went out last night again and I think my body clock has readjusted to party time. It is so used to me staying out until 3 in the morning that it thinks this is now th norm and refuses to let me sleep anytime before this.
Took Elric [the new straight flatmate] to the 2 brewers last night. He is almost as good as a fag hag except the man I was trying to pull was much more interested in him. Still we had a fun night all in all. I had my reservations but these turned out to be completely unfounded.
I have spent the last couple of days tidying up the flat and throwing out my old life – wel the papers and stuff you collect over time anyways. I never realised how living with someone can be so pervasive. I’m feeling much better now that so much is thrown out. Feels fresh and new shame it isn’t tidy too.
Also decided to throw a quick NYE party for friends who will be in London so will b having fireworks on the roof and lots of intimate chats with lots of wine. Sounds ideal to me to start the New Year the way I intend to spend it – catching up with people and being intimate.
Just chatting with scally who is slutting on gaydar [like I neve do :)] and decided I feel very sick [again] so I am gonna call it a night and go to sleep now. Have a party to plan tomorrow!

Well I must say although

Well I must say although Christmas wasn’t planned at all this year it turned out very well. Nick and Vianney were the perfect hosts. Woke up and they even had a gift for me this morning Even though my being there was unplanned. They are so sweet.
Actually spent most of the day with them except for going home for a quick shower – there bathroom is very intimidating. All white with lots of mirrors – and I mean lots! Took my dog Jack out for a long walk with Andrew and his 4 beardies. Went back to N&V’s for dinner which was fabulous – sorry Mum but it surpassed a family meal lots. Nice conversation and lovely food.
Drove to pick up Andrew’s new boyf (The sexy Brasilian Fabio) and then came home around 11. Few more glasses of wine later and I am having a great time.
Hope you all had a good Christmas too – speak to you all in the new year [honest].
Take Care

world [mundo]

Went to heaven last night

Went to heaven last night which was a refreshing change – doesn’t seem that long since I worked there 🙂
Made all the more fun by the fact that I was chatted up – unfortunately he has a boyfriend and just wanted to unwrap me for christmas but… I must admit he was cute and definitely worth it. He works there too so maybe I’ll see him again you never know!
just on my way out now – very festive this season you know lots of parties and dinners to attend. Nick and Vianni have invited Andrew and I for dinner and possibly a sandwich for me. Sounds like fun!
Elric has settled in and has been cleaning whilst I have been out partying. He was shocked by the mess I think cos gay boys are supposed to be clean and tidy yeah right!
He is currently grilling us on sexuality questions – you know how str8 people do when they suddenly discover that we don’t bite!

Oh my god it is

Oh my god it is 2:15 I just realised. 
I seem to be confessing a lot this week so hey lets go for another whammy here Derek is cute too – but str8 🙁
When we had our christmas lunch at the
yesterday – well I say lunch it was actually a bit longer than
that! We discussed in detail the people in the office
we would ‘do’ if we had the chance and they were remotely interested. We
actually did a top 3 of both men and women. Well Nichola actually had to cut
hers down from 10 to 3.
I think I may consider my top 3 and increase that a little – especially if I
widen the circle to people outside work. Funny how you find it hard to tell
people you fancy them in person but writing it down for anyone to read is
actually quite easy. I think I may start a new site. a bit
like aihon but with listings of people
and their top 3 wannadoos.  Tell
your top 3 shags – if you want me to do a bit of Cilla styleee
matchmaking the you had better include their email addresses or contact details

Okay so I am bored

Okay so I am bored and not tired and have been looking at and managed to aimlessly spend 30 minutes adding junk into my shopping cart. ?24.18 worth of junk to be precise. I mean what was I thinking when I added Vax Machine Carpet Treatment I mean I don’t have any carpets for heavens sake. Thank god David came on line and broke me out of my trance.
My cart had the following dubious items in it. I also nearly added some Benetton
Exotica Condoms
just because they are strawberry fragranced. 

Aquafresh Whitening
Nando’s Cooking
Sauce Range
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Asics Boxer Shorts –
2 Pair
Small 30-32"
(76.2 – 81.3cm)
Beverley Hills
Natural White
Finish Powerball
Vax Machine Carpet
Air Wick
Insignia Nature Body
Insignia Nature
Remington Precision
Nutri-Grain Twists
Rice Krispies
Pataks Original
Curry Sauce
Dopiaza Tomato And
 Total Product

I considered actually telling you why I added these into my basket but figured
what the hell you can make your own minds up. If you really really want to know ask
. I may even tell you. 
I think maybe I should just go to bed with a cup of hot chocolate and finish my book. Still reading farewell symphony.
Still feeling a bit down too.
ooh retail therapy maybe I should click on the go to checkout button….