Went to heaven last night which was a refreshing change – doesn’t seem that long since I worked there 🙂
Made all the more fun by the fact that I was chatted up – unfortunately he has a boyfriend and just wanted to unwrap me for christmas but… I must admit he was cute and definitely worth it. He works there too so maybe I’ll see him again you never know!
just on my way out now – very festive this season you know lots of parties and dinners to attend. Nick and Vianni have invited Andrew and I for dinner and possibly a sandwich for me. Sounds like fun!
Elric has settled in and has been cleaning whilst I have been out partying. He was shocked by the mess I think cos gay boys are supposed to be clean and tidy yeah right!
He is currently grilling us on sexuality questions – you know how str8 people do when they suddenly discover that we don’t bite!