Tired and in bed but

Tired and in bed but can’t sleep. Went out last night again and I think my body clock has readjusted to party time. It is so used to me staying out until 3 in the morning that it thinks this is now th norm and refuses to let me sleep anytime before this.
Took Elric [the new straight flatmate] to the 2 brewers last night. He is almost as good as a fag hag except the man I was trying to pull was much more interested in him. Still we had a fun night all in all. I had my reservations but these turned out to be completely unfounded.
I have spent the last couple of days tidying up the flat and throwing out my old life – wel the papers and stuff you collect over time anyways. I never realised how living with someone can be so pervasive. I’m feeling much better now that so much is thrown out. Feels fresh and new shame it isn’t tidy too.
Also decided to throw a quick NYE party for friends who will be in London so will b having fireworks on the roof and lots of intimate chats with lots of wine. Sounds ideal to me to start the New Year the way I intend to spend it – catching up with people and being intimate.
Just chatting with scally who is slutting on gaydar [like I neve do :)] and decided I feel very sick [again] so I am gonna call it a night and go to sleep now. Have a party to plan tomorrow!