Well I took today off

Well I took today off [mainly because I had too many left over and need to use them or lose them] and decided I really should get into the festive spirit and do some christmas shopping. BIG BIG mistake. Whoever thought any day of the week before christmas would be quiet! I mean what was I thinking.
I should really have just stayed in bed. What with people in Argos giving me grief because allegedly the seething mob was actually a queue. Oh and of course the rail crisis continues.
Every train I got today was delayed by a minimum of 10 minutes. The worst was trying to get back from Clapham Junction – a journey which normally takes 10-15 minutes ended up taking over an hour. Still at least there isn’t a rail crisis anymore and we are just thankful it is usual run of the mill poor service.

I am currently readingThe Farewell

I am currently readingThe Farewell Symphony which was a gift for my 30th birthday from one of my closest friends. It has taken me a while to get back into reading since living with my ex-partner who preferred to watch than read.
I have been constantly reminded throughout the book of parts of my life. I also wrote a few words for the mayfly project and all of which has left me thinking of all those things I wanted to do whilst younger.
One thought I have had recur almost every year or so since leaving school is how I wanted to have sex with my best friend but never managed to bring the subject up. I wonder what would have happened if we had. Would we have kept in contact or not? As it happens we haven’t kept in touch. Not for any reason other than our lives grew apart. It’s amazing that someone can be such an integral part of your life one day and not feature at all the following days and weeks.
Edward was definitely a straight boy – and maybe that’s why I wanted him so much. Still I certainly have very fond memories :o)
I wonder if he knew how much I lusted after him on our runs along the beach in the mornings before school or how our late night sleep overs caused me such agony.