Well I must say although

Well I must say although Christmas wasn’t planned at all this year it turned out very well. Nick and Vianney were the perfect hosts. Woke up and they even had a gift for me this morning Even though my being there was unplanned. They are so sweet.
Actually spent most of the day with them except for going home for a quick shower – there bathroom is very intimidating. All white with lots of mirrors – and I mean lots! Took my dog Jack out for a long walk with Andrew and his 4 beardies. Went back to N&V’s for dinner which was fabulous – sorry Mum but it surpassed a family meal lots. Nice conversation and lovely food.
Drove to pick up Andrew’s new boyf (The sexy Brasilian Fabio) and then came home around 11. Few more glasses of wine later and I am having a great time.
Hope you all had a good Christmas too – speak to you all in the new year [honest].
Take Care

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