okay well I did it in the end I was sucked into that whole corporate thing. I bought my boss a birthday present. Yeah okay so I do like her – and probably would be friends outside work but it just kind of makes me feel wierd. It reminds me that I spend most of my life at work. I also ordered a cake and what with the PA being on holiday and all it was a scary thing having to phone and order a cake. I was stupmed by the how many for question. So wnt and asked Pippa [not yet in the people directory but cool as anything and very beautiful and single – god I sound like meg – pimping] So we opted for like a cake for 50 – I mean Sheena does know a lot of people and deals with lots of departments. So anyway five rolls around and they deliver this cake and I swear to god I have never – and I do mean never – seen a cake the size. It all went but seeing it there was such a shock. It was like 2 feet square or something. Very nice too – Cafe Paradiso done us good again. They are on hammersmith road and do fantastic food – plug plug :o)
fucktard was the word of the day this afternoon. kind of worries me that the connies understood a lot more than some of our employees… mentioning no names but erm dave you know the score mate and my heart goes out to you.