okay since 1,
and 3
have all done Text Message Theatre here is my selection of Gaydar
message theatre. Genuine messages received over the last few weeks.
alright there m8
horny profile if any of mine interests u get back to me
thank u very much i
needed that, so where r u? r u free daytimes?
You`ve got a very
sexy profile. "Hi" by the way. B X
hi there, am in work
so cant checjk your pics but we seem to have similar tastes#:)
hi sexy
u kinda look hot too,
love that hairy look of urs, what u into mate, where u at? Luke
So, can I come to
the hotel and shag the **** off you, LOL
Nice! Hi there!
I did…hope you
changed your mind ,went online and got laid:) Mine arrived and i ended up
rimming and then fucking his ass…came tons in the condom…then he shot
all over my chest tho had hoped he`d fuck me too…all in all a pleasant
hi mate, just got
your message. we are very close. i,m in balham sw12 mate. i,m looking for
good sex u. get back if u want to meat up?
of course i want to
rim you!!!! Really want kisses and cuddles too.
so what messages would email(‘you’) send?