I’ve had a few days to think now and chatted with my folks. Went on a nice [but short] trip with Andrew driving up north for the first time in a year really was kind of wierd. It was nice when I got up there though. Met up with Keith who I haven’t seen in ages – unfortunately I was not very talkative – sore throat and tired after the drive.
eventually named Andrews yopungest bearded collie – Shadow – since he never leaves your side. So long as he is following someone [doesn’t mind who] he is fine.
The drive down was nice – except for the rip off Burger King prices in the service station – ?4.99 for a meal you can get for ?3.99 anywhere in London. Motorists sure do have a hard time.
Went for dinner last night [after training] around at scally‘s which was nice. We were supposed to be putting up his new Ikea Wardrobes but decided watching a film would be easier. His newly fitted bathroom is lovely. Shame the lounge is now unrecognisable and you can’t see the nice laminate floor we laid in February.
Mad thunderstorm last night too – was kinda cool and scary all at the same time – only scary cos I was walking Jack in it .