Just catching up on other

Just catching up on other peoples blogs this morning [in between work honest] and realised that I was not the only blogger at Saturday evening’s sports and shorts event. I was wondering where I knew a few of the faces from [and some were from a past life] but others must have been from this life – only I am so messed up from years of drug abuse that my long/short term memory is shot. David and Ian both seem to have been at the stag on saturday night. I did spend some time wondering where I knew at least one face from but was more concerned about wearing a wimbledon football strip at the time as I recall [oh and watching mud wrestling]. So I better look for one of those memory aid tapes they keep advertising on the late night shopping channels – either that or I should socialise more at the UKblogmeets?.

gah the interwebnet? is a

gah the interwebnet? is a pain sometimes. I have an egg credit card and have recently paid for some madonna tickets [a whole ?500 worth] and decided to make a one off payment – unfortunately although the facility exists on egg’s website the function is not working :o( So I decided I may as well apply for their savings account as I have been meaning to start a savings account for a while – you know to help when things like madonna concerts are announced when you are skint! Unfortunately I could not manage that either :o(
So back to cahoot who have not only provided me with a credit card for the last year with an amazing 0% interest rate they have decided that as it is their first birthday [congrats] they are going to extend the offer by a month – so no way is it getting paid off this month then I mean come on give me a card with 0% interest and I am not going to make more than the minimum repayments each month am I? So consequently the cahoot card has sat at it’s limit for the best part of the last year! Better start making some payments so I am not entirely broke for the summer [I need a holiday].

david over at swish cottage

david over at swish cottage participated in Another eMode personality test. I naturally felt duty bound to go and complete it myself. Allegedly [and I think this may be a big career change for me] I should be a Cruise Director! other likely careers:
Talk show host, HR director, news anchor, teacher, spiritual leader, socialite

Probably just as well I’m a trainer then

Face it, you’re a Slacker. Work is a necessary evil, so you’re often counting the minutes between coffee breaks. As for advancing up the company ladder, you’d prefer to take the escalator. You don’t let your personality get caught up in your career success. Maybe you get the job done, but you don’t go out of your way to prove your merit.

You’re a Negotiator. You can look a conflict square in the eyes without getting overly dramatic. [who says I’m a drama queen then] You strike a nice balance between keeping the peace and making sure that problems are dealt with. Your ability to see all sides to a problem means that you can be really helpful in easing political scuffles. You don’t make a point of always being right, but you stand up for what you believe.

You’re a Catalyst. You strike a balance between innovation and cautious skepticism. You know that perception is reality in the workplace, so new ideas are only successful if embraced by people who are trusted and liked. While open to change and trying new ideas in the workplace, you don’t blindly go forward without careful consideration of the consequences.
So it looks like David and I are similar in Leadership and Motivation styles – either that or the test is flawed and I was actually meant to be a millionaires husband…

jacs recently wrote about gay

jacs recently wrote about gay men and women trying to
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navigatorstring = navigator.userAgent;
if (navigatorstring.indexOf(“AOL”) > 0)
document.write(“” + “build the perfect body“);
} else {
document.write(“” + “build the perfect body“);
and it made me realise just how body conscious gay men and women tend to be. I think I may look for a gay running club – I think I’m doing pretty well on my own but unless you train with other people you have no idea. Besides I may meet some new friends too.