gah the interwebnet? is a pain sometimes. I have an egg credit card and have recently paid for some madonna tickets [a whole ?500 worth] and decided to make a one off payment – unfortunately although the facility exists on egg’s website the function is not working :o( So I decided I may as well apply for their savings account as I have been meaning to start a savings account for a while – you know to help when things like madonna concerts are announced when you are skint! Unfortunately I could not manage that either :o(
So back to cahoot who have not only provided me with a credit card for the last year with an amazing 0% interest rate they have decided that as it is their first birthday [congrats] they are going to extend the offer by a month – so no way is it getting paid off this month then I mean come on give me a card with 0% interest and I am not going to make more than the minimum repayments each month am I? So consequently the cahoot card has sat at it’s limit for the best part of the last year! Better start making some payments so I am not entirely broke for the summer [I need a holiday].