Reading the metro on the

Reading the metro on the train this morning a number of stories worried me so much I had to stop reading anymore for fear of shouting out aloud on a packed train. Allegedly the mullet is back in fashion – something to do with an 80’s revival. GAH! is all I have to say on that note. As if that wasn’t bad enough then I read about companies like IBM using ‘faction’ which they are likening to urban legends. What this translates to is that they basically lie to their employees in an attempt to make the company look better and improve morale. Because this is a company however it is entirely fine. If however employees used the same method by say boosting their grades on a CV it would be classed as gross misconduct I’m sure… makes you wonder.

tom posted about the top

tom posted about the top 20 words searched for at “National Lottery, Maff, Foot and Mouth, Exchange rates, Eminem, Inland Revenue, SMS, text messaging, EastEnders, West Ham, PlayStation Cheats, Westlife, Alton Towers, Harry Potter, Arsenal FC, South West Trains, UCAS, Eurovision, Buffy, Revision, London Eye, Route planner”. I hate to point it out but sex and naked and pics of girls are kind of high up there in the grand scheme of things – you only need to look at dsr for the proof. In fact I think most of the buffy requests were probably phrased ‘nude pics of buffy‘ or ‘buffy sex pics‘ or even ‘lesbian buffy pics‘.