I was paid to take

I was paid to take my clothes off in a london nightclub
This one is actually true When I moved to London I worked in Heaven nightclub. It was actually a great laugh. We used to have theme nights and so depending on the theme we would have shows and people wandering around to freak out the acid heads. The white party for instance I was painted from head to toe in white grease paint and wore a tiny [and I do mean tiny] white g-string. On other occasions I was simulating sex on a bed at the entrance and having sex [although we were supposed to be simulating] in a foam pit by the downstairs bar just off the dance floor. Taking my clothes off on stage [and off stage] was just one of my many erm talents at the time.
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congratulations to jonathon on his

congratulations to jonathon on his new home. And in answer to his question… Whatever happened to the word ‘gay’?…
If they mentioned it was a gay event you wouldn’t have all the kids coming to see steps or the north london possee coming to the fair. A few years ago when the event formerly known as pride was at clapham common, capital radio mentioned kylie [or someone similar] being on stage with no mention it was a gay and lesbian [and transgender etc etc] event. And they wondered why people got beaten up on the perimiters.