okay well i made a

okay well i made a post last night and then decided to move it to my personal journal. It was not really good for public consumption and I figured it would be best. I have had a bit more time to think about what I wanted to say and have thought of some words to express how I am thinking at the moment.
The upshot is that I have been unhappy in London for a while now – I never planned to work in an office, I never planned to work for a corporation and I never planned on being more worried about my salary and expenses than people I care about. Yet this is how I am feeling at the moment – trapped I guess in a world I never wanted to enter anyways.
I did my thesis on eco and rural tourism for god’s sake and here I am working for an ISP doing training. When actually what I want to be doing is hiking in remote parts of the world showing like minded individuals that your 2 weeks vacation needn’t harm the environment and doesn’t have to involve sun sand and 5 star accomodation.
I am not young anymore and if I am going to follow my dreams I need to sort it out fairly soon.
I have quit smoking and alcohol and started to train and get fit in the hopes that it will give me some energy with which to slingshot out of my daily routine. I need to go back to my parents this week end and plan my future see what my options are and come back with a clear and level head. Stop doing what other people expect me to do and actually do somthing for my soul not my wallet.