um strange night last night

um strange night last night – I distinctly remember a certain antipodean trying to convince me of the existence of harrogate flavoured toffee. I think he may be telling porkies however.
Some of the others managed to extend the evening by going to barcode – I fell into the ‘not on a school night’ category. I was not drinking so did not have alcohol fueling my decision process. I also didn’t need to send myself SMS notes on the evening either. Jonathan seems to have me pegged as a fitness freak.
Was nice to meet up and socialise though – it’s ages since I took myself outside my comfort zone of friends. [well okay sas doesn’t count] I discovered lots about people [and some things I just couldn’t repeat] and had a fun night – next time though can we start at the loft please?
Oh and I met Jude Law last night too which was strange as it was a gay blogger meet. Looking good though #36 🙂

like we needed another reason

like we needed another reason to eat chocolate?
In a Willy Wonka type competition, confectionery maker Cadbury’s is planning to hide codes inside the wrappers of millions of chocolate bars.
By sending a mobile phone text message containing the code to Cadbury’s, chocolate lovers can win prizes such as DVD players and widescreen TVs.